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Legion Bar Show Poster

Legion poster for No Shields

Legion Poster

Poster for No Shields show July 2017.

Digital print 11" x 17"

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Screen Print Jacob 2-2

alt color version

Jacob 2-2 alt color

color print - Jacob 2-2

Jacob 2-2 Screen Print

3 Color Screen Print 12" x 12"

for the musician Jacob 2-2

Screen Print – One Beer One Song


One Beer One Song Poster

One Beer One Song Poster


3 Color Screen Print 18" x 24"

For the podcast 1 Beer 1 Song

No Shields/ Pants Exploder

No Shields, Niagara, 12-02-15

Digital Flyer for show at Niagara Bar, 2016

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Poster Design – No Shields Jan 30th

No Shields Jan 30th Poster

No Shields Poster

Niagara Bar Show Flyer

No Shields, Niagra, 12-04-14

Digital Flyer 2014

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No Shields Poster

No Shields Flyer Oct 29

Gig Poster, Grand Victory, Oct. 29, 2014

Gig poster for No Shields, 2015

Digital Print 11"x17"

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Any time I'm in an airport I have spare time to sit around and draw people. Here are a few sketches from LaGuardia and New Orleans Airport and a sketch from the amazing campus at Middlebury College in Vermont.
airport sketch

LaGuardia Airport - Oct 25 2014

airport sketch 2

New Orleans Airport Oct 26 2014

stuff on a table

Breakfast at New Orleans Airport. Oct 26 2014.

Middlebury Campus Sketch

Middleburry College Sept. 2014